Sunday, August 23, 2009

Road Trip Day 12

We got up fairly early Friday morning, we had already packed up the car quite a bit the night before. We finished packing up and said our goodbyes to families and hello to the pavement once again. It was a pretty uneventful day. We drove longer than planned, we made it just past Chicago.

It was raining. So we decided against camping. We started looking for a hotel. The first place we stopped was 65 for two double beds. Too expensive. The second place was crappy little motel but we decided to give it a chance cause we hadn't seen a lot of places. It was 45 bucks a night, with a whirlpool tub. Warning #1 : guy in front of you walks out with a stack of adult videos. Warning #2: the guy asks you if you want 4 hours or overnight. Warning #3: when we ask him if the sheets are clean he replies 'as far as I know' instead of a hearty 'yes, of course:' YIKES. Even for that cheap, the place was too sketchy for us.

The third place was 45 as well, family run, old but clean, but full! We thought we would never find a place. It was then we caught sight of the Comfort Inn, shining like a beacon in the cold, black night. I thought for sure it would be 100+. Way too much for us.

I knew when Eric came out grinning it was good. It was 65 for a king sized bed and they had a pool and a hot tub and breakfast! Yay! A little over the 50 we wanted to spend, but so worth it.

We had the whole pool to ourselves for over an hour! We ordered Papa Johns pizza, which was awesome and cheap! Breakfast in the morning was awesome! They had a waffle maker! So instead of heating up a packaged waffle, you could have a fresh one! Mmmmmm!
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Dayna said...

fresh "self-made" waffles without all the work. awesome! i've been enjoying following your trip. it's cool how you're blogging as you go. so far i haven't had that capability on trips and then i get abck and start reporting about the trip but then ahve all kinds of current stuff to write, blah, blah, blah... bottom line: i like what you're doing! :)

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