Friday, April 09, 2010

31 Cats

I know I keep talking about news stories, but I just can't get over the negativity of people. And how unrealistic and angry people can get.

So there is this woman with 31 cats. You can read her story here. Again, people are all fired up about this, cause the bylaw says you can have 3 cats, but she is allowed 31. All of these cats are fixed, healthy and well taken care of. Her house does not stink, nor do these animal roam around on the streets.

So why do people care if she is allowed to keep them? What do the "haters" think should be done with the extras? Do they know how hard it is to adopt out cats, which is the reason why this woman has so many? She IS trying to find homes for them! The only two options she has is keeping them, or she has them put to sleep. Do these people really think the latter is the better option?

Back off people. This woman is doing a good thing.

Let's send all this negativity toward the people who are adding to the overpopulation of cats by not getting them fixed, dumping them off like garbage, or abusing them!

I would like to write an article on how OUTRAGEOUS all these haters are being. Grow up. Let people live their own lives. Especially if it in no way affects your own.


Jobina said...

When I read the news story the people said that there was an odour. Though the agency sent there said that there wasn't, there must be something to the claim since the judge is giving the owner a timeline for getting the odour under control. I can see the neighbor's point to a certain extent, it's hard living in close proximity to someone with lots of pets in the city. I imagine that if this lady had 31 kids living at her house she'd have to deal with a few complaints too.

Lindsey Dueck said...

I can understand if it is a pungent lasting odor. But for them to get a waft of cat pee every now and then, perhaps from the garbage or when she is cleaning her litter boxes, that is not something they should be complaining about. If the house stunk like cat pee/poop, the inspectors would have smelled it. You cannot miss that scent.

A commenter on the free press had a good point "As far as the smell goes. I think I'd like to call the city on my neighbors who smoke cigarettes or pot, or have a woodburning stove or wear perfume or use fragrant dryer sheets or cook bad-smelling food. Get it? There are far more smells that are bothersome to others that can't be curbed. People like me just have to put up with that. I'd rather smell cat poop than my spouse's waste in the morning."

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