Monday, April 05, 2010

Ummm, NO!?!?!

An old lady just walked into the clinic minutes ago. She has just lost her purse somewhere in Gimli and she had no way to get back to Winnipeg Beach. She said that her sister brings her dog to the clinic, so she was wondering if she would be able to give me an IOU for some cash so she could take a taxi home.


You want me to just hand you some cash that is not my own? Even though I don't know you and you have never been a client here? I mean, I feel bad that you lost your purse and all, but I don't have the authority for that.

So I just told her "Sorry, I cannot do that" and her jaw dropped in shock, "WHAT? Why not?". So I told her again "Sorry, I cannot do that" and she left, dissapointed.

Can you imagine doing that? Walking into a place you have never been a customer at and asking them to fork over some cash so you can take a taxi home? I would at least ask to use the phone and call some family or a neighbor or something. Or even get the taxi to drive me home then go inside and get the money. Something is really fishy about that story to me! What a great end to the day. I am still laughing about it! :)

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Jay Boaz said...

Yeah, that sounds pretty fishy to me. A big ol' scammola.

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