Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunny Days

I thoroughly enjoyed the warm weather this weekend! It was the youth slave auction on Saturday, so we hired a slave for half a day. We got a lot of work done outside. I used a tractor for the first time to clean up my shelter for my horses. It was so fun! I loved driving that little John Deere! I love doing work like that. I love being a farmer!

I also used a quad to drag my pasture to spread out the crap. We had a diamond harrow upside down with some rocks on it. It worked quite well, but the rocks fell off all the time. One of the rocks was quite large. I had lifted it on a few times, but the fourth time I lifted it, I decided to use my legs more. And of course I pulled a muscle in my back! Many of my plans for the day were ruined after that. Having a sore back really puts a person out. You don't realize how bad it is until it happens to you! But I still managed to enjoy being outside a bit after that. I am really h0ping that there will be many nice sunny days this summer, to make up for last!

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Jay Boaz said...

I threw my back out when I worked at the Olive Garden; I couldn't serve for at least 3 weeks! Fortunately I was also a trainer so I trained new staff instead of waiting on tables.

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