Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Does your church sit and sing during offering? If so, why is that? I would really prefer to stand, it makes singing and worshiping easier. When we sit down I feel like the worship time is over. Is there a good reason why we can't stand?

Some of the answers I have heard are that we sit because we have already been standing for so long or that it is easier to get your offering out of your purse if you are sitting. But if an extra 3 minutes of standing is too much to bear, than by all means, take a seat. And I would also argue that if your offering is in your pocket, it is easier to get it out if you are standing.

In the past our church has has just a piano playing during offering, so it makes sense then to sit down. But if the worship team is still up there and wanting us to sing along with them, I think that we should stay standing.

I know I could just stay standing if I wanted to. I also know there are probably bigger issues in this world to worry about. But I would just like to know the reasoning behind this!


Stacey said...

We used to just have the piano playing during the offering. Now we have a box in the back and it isn't a part of the service. Now that you have the projector in your church, I don't see why standing should be a problem. But if you have to hold a hymn book while trying to give your offering, I think it's just easier to sit. In our church, when we sing, even if someone doesn't say 'would you please stand' at least half the congregation will stand on their own. It's just part of who we are :)

Lindsey Dueck said...

I like the idea of the box at the back of the church instead of passing the bag around! We do have one, so I am not sure why we don't just use that!

Connie said...

I think that giving/offering IS PART OF WORSHIP. And so is everything else about the church service, including singing. (I don't like when "worship" just means singing). What is a bigger gift to God? Giving some of your hard-earned cash or singing a song? Or learning from the Bible? Or encouraging those around you by praying for them?They are all to sit or stand, sing or listen to piano or kneel by yourself in the aisle---worship is tween you & God & I hope no one worshipping beside you is judging HOW you worship & in what posture.
Many in our local congregation here are 1st generation Christians so they don't get how one posture is more right than another. Or how come when we sing "we raise our hands to You", we're shy to do it. One guy said, "it's like me reclining on the couch & telling my beloved that I am helping her with dinner". hmmmm
The box at the back was installed so that giving could be private but I remember my dad saying that there is danger in people taking advantage of that privacy & not donating any money at all!Our pastor is pretty direct at yearend for us to revisit our tax receipts & ensure that we gave 10% of our income minimum. That is tithe,(which belongs to God anyway) anything more is a gift to God. He commented that according to some receipts, there are many many families making less money than it appears. Tho, of course, he knows we give to other charities too -- but something to think about for sure.

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