Sunday, January 16, 2011

An Adventure!

I am safely in Orlando, praise the Lord! But it was not without a little bit of excitement!

When I checked in at the Winnipeg airport, they let me know my flight was delayed, but I should still have enough time to make my connection. So Eric and I grabbed lunch at Harvey's, which he was pretty pumped about. Then when we were going to the washroom we ran into the West Jet flight attendant and she told me that the flight had been delayed even more and I would miss my connection to Orlando.

I had two options, fly to Toronto and stay the night, they would pay for the hotel and give me meal vouchers, or take a flight the next day at 1pm directly to Orlando. Eric and I decided that I would fly to Toronto, because he had to go back to Riverton to work and that would leave me with no way back to the airport the next day! At least in Toronto I had a place to stay, a ride to the airport, and dinner and breakfast paid for. So that is exactly what I did!

My flight left at 10:15, but because of de-icing, we left almost an hour later. I though I would have the afternoon to attend the conference. But between the de-icing, getting my bag, waiting for the shuttle to the hotel, check in to my hotel, and then shuttle to the conference center, it was already 4:30 and I had missed the whole day! Oh well, I just registered for the conference and got my package. Then I grabbed some supper cause I was starving and hadn't eaten since breakfast! It is really akward eating alone, people stare at you. There was another girl eating alone that I should have made friends with. Actually, they even mixed up our food and we had to switch!

After I ate, I went back to the hotel. I watched TV and sorted through what seemed like hundreds of pamplets and handouts in my welcome package. Then I found the gym and worked out for 1/2 hour on the eliptical and bicycles. I was going to go swimming, but the pool is outdoors and it is a bit chilly at night to swim, so I went in the hot tub for a while. It was empty, and I got bored quickly and left. I showered, read, watched TV and figured out what classes I would attend the next day and went to bed.

I had set my alarm, but I must have done it wrong cause it did not go off in the morning! So I slept through the first two classes I wanted to go to! I grabbed some breakfast at the hotel...they have an amazing selection, and then headed to the conference. I spend the morning at one conference center, at lunch there with a nice group of ladies, and wandered the trade show there.

Then I hopped on a shuttle and went to the other conference center and went to two classes there. I wandered the trade show there for two hours and still didn't see it all! It is gigantic! You could spend a whole day checking that stuff out! There is alot of cool products available though!

I went to a cocktail and hor d'heurve reception, but it was akward to be alone so I quickly ate a bit then left.

Now I am at the VIN cyber cafe, and after this I will head back to the hotel for the night. I will probably work out again, read, watch TV then get to bed a bit earlier so I can go to the first thing in the morning classes tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

I hope you are enjoying yourself, I know you will have more fun once Eric is there to spend time with you!!! Remember to bring me back something!!! Love yeah - be safe and have fun!!! (Mal)

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