Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Killing Time

Today I have a super long lunch break, almost 3 hours. Elanco put on a free Tech's lunch, so I got to eat warm, yummy food and listen to a talk about fleas instead of eating sandwhiches that have been there for a few days. I will spend my $15 allotment on other junk today!

Anyways, that only took an hour. Then I wandered the trade show, but the one here at the Mariott is WAY smaller than the one at the other hotel, the Gaylord Palms, so I have pretty much seen everything. And I don't want to bus over to the Gaylord only to come back here 1/2 an hour later for my next session. So I will blog...

This morning I got up early again, because there was some ultrasound courses I really wanted to go to. I have already decided that tomorrow I will sleep in a bit, cause when Eric gets here we will be waking up early to make it to the parks when the open, so we can utilize every single second that we have!

This afternoon I have two more sessions, then I am planning on figuring out how to get to the Florida Mall for shopping. I don't have much to buy, I just want to go mostly to browse.

Then tomorrow Eric arrives!! I am so excited!! His flight is supposed to get into Orlando, but it will most likely be late because of de-icing and stuff. I am hoping to see him around 8, but with waiting for the shuttle and stuff it might be closer to 9. I would be great if he got here ealier, then we could go to Medieval Times for supper! I know he has been there before, but it would be fun. Someone told me it starts at 8:45, but now I just read 7. But that might just be when the doors open. I will have to call for more info I guess!

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Anonymous said...

Are you going to the outlet malls? There are some great ones in FL

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