Monday, January 31, 2011

Orlando Recap - Universal Studios/Saturday

We originally planned to take a bus to Universal Studios at 8 am, but we stayed up a little late at Downtown Disney the night before, so we called and changed our bus ride to 9. The bus didn't show up until almost 9:30. By the time we got to Universal Studios and got into a line for the first ride it was almost 11! The first ride we went on was the Hulk. It was a really good rollercoaster with tonnes of loops and twists.

After that we went to Jurassic Park and went on the boat ride, with one very big plunge at the end. And we got soaked. It was a sunny day, which is why we left our sweaters at the hotel, but it was very windy. Making it very cold. And getting soaked first thing in the morning did not help! But, Churros really helped to warm us up!

After that we stood in the longest line we have yet, an hour, for the Harry Potter ride. We played a lot of rounds of Boggle on my iPod while we waited. Fortunately, the ride was the best one at Universal, so it was well worth it. Here is Hogwarts:

They had it all set up with the town, Hogsmead, that is in the Harry Potter books. We went on the dragon rollercoaster and walked around that park for a bit longer. We didn't do everything we would have liked because we knew we would run out of time. There are two separate park at Universal, so we headed to the second one. We watched Animal Actors On Location, which was probably one of our favorite parts! It is amazing what they have trained those animals to do, especially the cats!
Most of the stuff at the second park was 4D shows or ones that made you feel like you were in the movie. We were at the park right until close and we didn't get to see everything we would have liked. We could have easily done another full day there with all the stuff we missed! I really enjoyed this park, it was not geared to children as much as the Disney parks are.

We had to run to catch our pre booked bus back to our hotel. We had to pay 19 each for the bus there and back, because it is not a Disney park so we had to book a non-Disney bus!

By the time we got back to our hotel we were both exhausted, so we changed into some warm clothes and had supper at our resort. I had a bath with my new bath bomb and we tried to get to bed a little earlier so we could get a earlier start the next day.

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