Saturday, January 01, 2011

A Great Start

I had a great day today! It was the perfect way to start the new year. I stayed up LATE last night, and slept in! We stayed at the cabin with a few friends. Then at around 10:30 it was freezing cause the fire had gone out while we were sleeping, so we packed up and headed home. We had some lunch and then just lazed around for a few hours.

In the afternoon I went to the farm to do some laundry and some chores for Kathleen. Then I went for a run! I haven't ran in months and I still managed to run for 20 minutes straight no problem. I think running has a lot to do with the mind. There is no way I am at the same fitness level as four months ago when I stopped running, but I knew I had ran for 20 minutes before so I wanted to try again! I also took the big dogs with me, and they had a great time. Well Maeve did anyways, I let her off leash because she follows along well and comes when she is called. Finn desperately wanted to run and play with her, but if we let him off leash he just runs and runs and doesn't come when he is called! He gets so focused on whatever he is chasing he can't listen to anything!

Yesterday I bought YakTrax from MEC for running, and I tried them out today! They are great, I didn't slip once. One of my excuses for not running is because I was scared of slipping! Well now I can't use that anymore. I was also pretty warm while running, and it was very chilly outside today, so that excuse is useless too! I would love to have a balaclava though, my cheeks got a bit frozen.

After my run, Eric made soup. Then I had a bath, which I haven't done in months, with a bubble bar from Lush. I used the whole thing, and realized later that it was supposed to be for 3-4 baths! Oh well, my skin is really soft now and I will be making my own soon! I made a big order for supplies from Voyager today! I am really hoping people will be willing to buy this stuff, cause it was quite the investment!

I put on my sweats (my new addiction) and my favorite comfy shirt, made some tea and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. After supper we went to the in-laws to watch hockey and play games.

It was a very relaxing day, but I must admit I am a bit antsy now. Like tomorrow I need to get something productive done...

Today I also started taking Clomid, for the last time. Maybe this is horrible, but I have already written this cycle off. Of course God can work miracles and this cycle could be successful, and in that case I will be thrilled, but I need to be realistic. The odds are against me right now. I am not stressing about it, though. I am looking forward to moving on to an IUI . And having 5 babies. IUIs have the highest chance of multiples. It's how Kate Gosslin got pregnant with 6 babies. I know that is a rare case, but it kinda freaks me out a bit!

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