Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby Names

Each time someone I know has a baby, I get a little nervous. Not because I am jealous they are pregnant, I have gotten over that. But because I am paranoid they will "steal" our baby names.

Naming is one of my favorite things to do. I always name all of my puppies, so I have done alot of searching. And each name is carefully picked out. For my dogs too. I am always keeping an eye out for a cool name on TV and in magazines, even at work! It usually takes me days if not weeks to pick out a name for my animals. Paris is from a magazine. Fleury is from a file I saw at a vet clinic in the city. Remy is from searching French names. Maeve and Finn were from searching Irish names. I wanted to name a cat Sevens far before I was ever looking for another cat.

I always try to pick names that I really like, and can see myself liking for a long time. I am also careful that I don't name them something I might want to use for a child one day. And so far, it has worked out. I still love all of my animals names! The only exception is Paris. I think I little girl named Paris would be so cute, but Eric doesn't agree.

Anyways, the point is that I have taken a lot of time (I mean, I have had 3.5 years of waiting to think about it) to pick out my baby names. Eric and I have pretty much decided what they will be, for first names anyways. We have no middle names picked out at all. I would be crushed if someone else used them before we get the chance to. I don't tell anyone them, not even family!

Growing up a Lindsey, with at least 3 other Lindseys in the same small town of 600(all spelled different of course), I know I want my children to have unique names. Not weird really, just unique. And to me, taking a regular name and spelling it weird is not unique. I also grew up with people spelling my name wrong all the time, mostly Lindsay. And I don't want my kids to have to deal with it as much as I did. I still think my spelling is the correct way, because people say Lind-SEE, not Lind-SAY. But that is besides the point. ;)

So because the names we have picked out are pretty unique, my hopes are that no one will use them before we do. But there is always that chance. And this nervousness will probably not go away until I finally get to use them! I pray that is soon.


Sarah said...

I am hoping to not "steal" your name! Our difficulty wasn't with pets but with the fact that I refuse to name our child after any student I have ever taught! Luckily at Mennville and Morweena I have taught the same kids for many years, thus decreasing the black-listed names! With Sarah having the same problem as Lindsey, I too am concious of finding something at least some what unique!

Dayna said...

i hear you!!! i'm not even married and i've got baby name lists (did i just admit that online?) nothing nailed down or anything, but some definite favorites! and i love what you said about taking a common name and spelling it differently does not make the name unique. i think it just creates unnecessary stress for the kid. and i also agree (seems we think a lot alike on this subject, but we already knew that!) with you about giving names that won't constantly be misspelled... although i think having your name misspelled is better than mispronounced.

anyway, loved your post! and i'm totally looking forward to you having kids so i can know the awesome names you've picked out! (ok, and also b/c you're dreaming about having kids which is kind of more important than me knowing their names...) i already know i'll love them! (their names... and the kids too!)

(enough brackets in my comment?)

Anonymous said...

I hear you Lindsey!!! I almost want to tell people what names we like as a way of 'claiming' those names, but sadly I don't think that would work :) So I guess we will keep it a secret and hope that no one thinks the same we do...

Jay Boaz said...

If it means that much to you, even though I had my heart set on it, you can have Boazarella.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey - I do the same thing, trust me I think I am the second Mallory in Gimli.. but I think she spells her Melorie and pronounces it the way it sounds... Not with the MAL lol... Trust me I have been scouting baby names as well. It is a tough decision... And our family keeps expanding before we can!!!We are going to become almost limited with Boys names... too many in the family, and really not alot of options out there - that I have come across anyways!!!

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