Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Infertile Dreams And Other Things

I haven't talked much about infertility much on here lately. And it is not because it is at the back of my mind! I still think about it all the time, but we haven't been on any meds this month, so there is nothing much to say. And I feel like God has given me an incredible peace about it, which is a huge answer to prayer. Thank you all who have been praying for us!

We have been praying for a natural miracle this month. It is finally the end of the cycle, but I haven't tested yet. I had a positive ovulation test this month, but that just test LH which is known to be high in women with PCOS, so it could mean nothing. AF is late, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything because she hasn't shown up without medication for years! I think I will wait a few more days at least, cause I don't want to waste an expensive test! And I don't want to get my hopes too high.

Last night I had a dream that I took two pregnancy tests, and they both came up positive right away! The dream felt so real, I can remember the happiness I felt in the dream like it really happened. Dreams like that are so cruel for infertiles. That is another reason I don't want to test yet. I feel like because it was positive in the dream, it will probably be negative in real life. BUT I know that is silly to think that way!

In other news, TurboFire is going awesome! I haven't missed a day of the schedule yet! Today was my favorite workout so far. It was hard, but a lot of fun. My heart rate monitor said I burned over 1000 calories in an hour!

Today I made beef tenderloin for supper. I have never made it before, but it turned out REALLY good! We also had fresh avocado for a side dish, and it was amazing. I really enjoy avocados! I can't believe I hadn't really eaten them before this. Man, I have been missing out!


Stacey said...

Praying for your miracle too :) And if you are looking for some awesome inexpensive tests, check out

I have used their tests many times, and it's nice to be able to test as many times as you need/want to each month. They are very accurate, and incredibly cheap!

Lindsey Dueck said...

Thanks Stacey! I have had the cheapie tests before, but I am all out of them! BUT I do think it is time to stock up on some more because $10 a test is just too much!

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