Saturday, March 19, 2011

Winter Walk With The Setters!

It was slightly warm today, so we decided to take the Irish Setters for a walk. We don't do a lot of exercise with them in the winter, so I am always glad for a warmer day when we can take them out! Finn has to go on a leash, because he completely ignores you when you tell him to come. Maeve gets to go free because she listens very well. I am nervous to have her running free on the roads, but we always call her back and hold on to her leash when cars or tractors come close.

Finn cleaning ice out of his toes mid-walk:Eric just barely caught Finn and ended up on the ground! Finn's leash slipped loose and he took off. Thankfully the leash was still dragging behind him so he didn't run that fast and Eric knocked him down. Lol:

Maeve coming back to inspect the damage:Finn wanted to go in the ditch so Eric let him, and ended up knee deep in snow:Eric and Maeve stuck in snow:
Loving their walk!:
Maeve coming back for her periodic treat!Having a blast running free!:
A boy and his dog:
Finn loves climbing the snow piles, Eric does too:Eric laughing at Maeve taking a big dump:
And yes, I am fully aware my husband has a mustache. He has been doing "Mustache March" way before "Movember" was ever around!

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Jennifer said...

Looks like fun!! I would prefer a moustache over the full beard my hubby has right now!! Men and their facial hair-haha

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