Monday, March 28, 2011

Naturopath Appt. #2

Saturday I had my second naturopath appointment. This was for a physical exam and recheck. The first time it was more of a consultation, we mostly talked. This time she looked at my skin, nails and hair, checked my ears, checked my reflexes, checked my blood pressure and listened to my stomach. It was very different than a regular yearly physical. I could write lots of the things we talked about, but I was there for another hour, and you are probably not interested to read it all. Basically what she said is that lots of my "symptoms" are from PCOS, some are from and overgrowth of yeast, and some might be an adrenal issue which might be part of the PCOS.

This is my treatment schedule:

1. Multi Glyco vitamin/mineral supplement - 2 tablets twice a day
2. Vitamin C - 1 at breakfast, two at lunch. This is my favorite part. I have grape ones and they are so good. They are my candy! I wish I could have more than 3!
3. Greens Drink - 1 scoop mixed with water in the morning - This is weird, so I just chug it!
4. Protein powder - 2 scoops 1-2 times a day - I have chocolate rice protein powder, and I actually enjoy drinking it. I mixed it with some almond milk and water in the Magic Bullet for breakfast! I like it so much I crave it during the day. I had some for supper just because I like it!
5. Mag glycinate - I am taking 1 a day right now, but I have to talk to her to make sure that is right!
6.Candida SAP - 2 capsules 3 times a day with meals. - This is the yeast cleanse, I take it for at least 6 weeks.
7. Testo-Quench - 1 capsule 3 times a day - Because of PCOS, I have a higher testosterone level than normal, and as the name suggests, this is to help lower those levels.
8. Progesto-Mend - 1 capsule 2 times a day - To help the hormone progesterone work better for me.
9. Biotone EFA - 1 capsule twice a day, at breakfast and lunch - This is also to help with hormone balance.

As for diet, I am to remain on a low glycemic index diet, and I need to try to limit my fruit intake to 2 a day because of the sugar in them. I can have as much veggies as I want. I also include 4 Tbsp shelled hemp seeds and 2 Tbsp flax seeds into my diet. She would also like me to eat raspberries/blueberries and cranberry juice for the antioxidants.

So far, so good. Eric has been very supportive of this, so it has made it easy. Plus I have still been eating alot of stuff I enjoy. The hardest part is avoiding dairy! Especially when you go to other people places for meals. I feel like such a snob turning things down. I think I will have to make exceptions for some things. Dr. K did say that it should be a 90% low GI diet, and the other 10% can be high glycemic. For the most part I eat low GI foods, but that 10% gives me some breathing room when I go out or to peoples places for meals!

This is a lot of stuff, I know. And it is not cheap, but Dr. K was pretty optimistic that with all these supplements and dietary changes that my cycles will return on their own. I sure hope she is right. And if she is right, it will be all worth it! She has restored some of my hope that I will be able to conceive a baby naturally.

I do already feel better. Maybe you think I am nuts, or that it is just all in my head, but I don't mind! The only important part is that I feel better and healthier! I really feel like God lead me to go see Dr. K, and I know this is the path He wants me to take!

I go for a follow up April 26th!


Stacey said...

I love it that Naturopathy looks at the body as a whole, and not just treat the symptoms. I really hope that this works for you!

Anonymous said...

I hope everything works out good for you Lindsey, maybe this was all you needed to help you on your path of having a baby!

Jennifer said...

How do you remember all of that?? I can barely remember to take one or two pills a day-Never mind so many!! Praying that this is your answer!

Anonymous said...

I hope this works for you as well.... but know that most fertility clinics makes you stop all herbal supplements before treatments.

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