Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Autumn Bowie Awards

These past few weeks I have been consumed with planning our 1st Annual Autumn Bowie Awards! It has been a very fun project! It was inspired by the Bowie awards that our friends in Seattle put on. We never do anything fun like this, and we don't really have any other excuse to throw a fancy party. It is a formal event, I plan on wearing my wedding dress. Most other girls are wearing their grad dresses, and I would too if it fit. Maybe next year.

Here is a sample of the letter we sent out:

Congratulations! You have been invited to the prestigious 1st Annual Autumn Bowie Awards. The ABAs are awards of excellence and awesomeness. It is also a fundraising gala for BCBC. We have included a list of categories and the guest list. Each person must select one guest to nominate for each category. You may choose the same guest more than once.

Guests must be in attendance to accept their award. If you cannot attend, you may still nominate guests. Please include the nomination list with your RSVP. Nominations received after September 21st will not be accepted.

1. Reach For The Stars – Person with a great achievement or success this year
2. Best Beard – Men only!
3. Nicest Yard – Who’s yard makes you smile, smells nice, or is just the most fun to be in? Nominate them!
4. Funniest – This person will always put a smile on your face
5. Most Generous – This person gives of their time, money and possessions to others.
6. Nicest Smile –Their grin can brighten anyone’s day
7. Citizen’s Award – Someone who puts others before themselves. This award takes the cake!
8. Best Bonfire- Biggest, hottest, most fun.
9. Best Cook – Their food always hits the spot!
10.  Best Dressed – This evening’s best dressed couple.

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