Monday, September 19, 2011

Fun Day

We went to the city today, mostly for fun but we had a few things to get done. 

I now work Tuesday-Saturday so I have Mondays off. 

First I got my Rabies vaccination. It was tucked away on the 5th floor of a research building. I felt like I wasn't supposed to be there! I found the right place and now I am finally up to date. 

Afterwards we went to the mall to do some shopping for ourselves for our party on Saturday. Then we went to party stuff and booked some table linens, glasses and a red carpet for Saturday. We also got a few decorations, but I have most of them here already. 

Then we went furniture shopping browsing. I love looking at furniture. We would like a few new pieces when we move in winter, so we kind of were taking a look to see what there was. It was actually pretty hard to find something I liked. Couches and recliners are easy enough. But I only saw on kitchen table and one bedroom set that I even remotely liked. This is going to be a challenge when we have to do it for real. But at least we have an idea of where to go and what we like. 

Then it was off the the Fall Parade Of Homes! It was so fun going into all the brand new homes and check out the cool features. My favourite place was by Artista Homes. It had red brick and raw beams inside. My other favourite features were double doors to the master bedroom, walkout basement, fireplace is the master bedroom that was two sided into the bathroom and the COOLEST kids playroom. It was like those little rooms people have under the stairs but this was under a sunken sitting room and was huge. I need one of those for my kids one day. It was fun to dream, but most of those houses are 500k +

We topped it off with a supper at Boston Pizza. It was a fun day, but the best part of all is that is was spend with my best friend!

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Hillary said...

I think I missed something somewhere... when and where are you guys moving?!

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