Saturday, September 10, 2011

Clear Lake!

Today was a fun, full day!

I went for a run first thing in the morning. It was already hot out! We went to the Whitehouse Bakery to have their famous cinnamon bun for breakfast. Then it was time for shopping! Because it is end of season, all the shops are having major sales. Most things were 40-70 % off. We enjoyed browsing, but there wasn't anything we really wanted.

We headed back to the cabin to change for tennis. We biked to the courts and played tennis for 1/2 an hours. It was fun, but I am atrocious at it. The last time I played tennis is when I was little enough that the racket was still too heavy!

Mid afternoon a few of our other friends showed up! We let them unpack and then headed to the pool to cool off from tennis. The pool was concrete with no liner, so playing keep away in the pool was a little rough on the skin. After the pool we had burgers and hot dogs for supper, and then headed up town to check out some more shops we missed. Our last stop was the Chocolate Fox, where we all got Gelato!

I was exhausted from being in the sun most of the day and so were the other ladies so we all napped while the guys went to the pool again. We played games for an hour or two, had a bonfire and ate some snacks then went to bed!

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