Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Pins - Building My Own Furniture

The other day Eric and I went browsing for furniture for our new place. Ideally I would like a couch and chair, bedroom furniture and a new kitchen table. I was really discouraged while looking. It was easy for me to find a couch and chair I liked, but I did not like any of the kitchen tables I saw. The one I did like was close to $2000, and that was just for the table not including the chairs! Same went for the bedroom furniture, I couldn't really find anything I liked and the one thing I did was $4000 for the set.

So a yesterday I decided that I could probably make the kitchen table I wanted myself. And today I started googling where I found Ana White's website of DIY furniture. And there it was, the perfect farmhouse table. And it looks ridiculously easy. There was also some "brag" posts of people who have made that table from Ana's pattern. One woman made a gorgeous table and it was her first thing she had ever built! EVER! And she said it was very simple. So if she can do it, so can I!

Here is the table. This is one made by a reader. The one I would like to make will look different than this one, but is is the same basic idea and shape. If you click on the picture it will take you to the Ana White site.

So after realizing how easy it would be for me to make my own table, I thought, why not make my own bedroom furniture! That way I can make it the way that I want and stain it how I would like.

So these are the patterns I found from Ana White. I would like to make two end tables and one dresser. They are a bit of a different style but I plan on using the same white wash stain on them!

Still not sure what to do about chairs for the table yet. I kinda like these but I would do a different fabric for sure!

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