Monday, May 07, 2012

17 Weeks

Size of baby: Turnip (Aren't they huge? Perhaps a smallish turnip)
Total Weight Gain: 8 lbs
Continuing symptoms: Round ligament pain, tiredness, some indigestion
New symptoms this week: Tiredness returned this week!
Maternity Clothes: Full into maternity clothes now!
What I'm Eating: Pretty much a normal diet.
Cravings: Cheese! And plain Vanilla ice cream.

Movement: Nothing yet. I try to lie still and concentrate of feeling something. And then I poke at the baby hoping to get the baby moving. Still nothing. I should just be more patient.
Special pregnancy moments: Lots of people are commenting on how I look pregnant, which makes me feel quite uncomfortable because I don't think I look obviously pregnant yet. And a few random people have touched my belly which IMO is way to soon! lol. 

I get a lot of the same questions. And people's reactions to my answers are interesting. Here are a few:

Are you finding out the sex of the baby? Yes, we will find out what the baby is when he or she is born, and hopefully not sooner. I like surprises, and I don't like to ruin them. 

Will you have an epidural? No, I don't want an epidural. I hate needles and I don't want one poked into my spine. I also don't want my body half frozen so I can't move it. I realize birth will be painful, but I also know there is an amazing gift at the end of it. A lot of people (actually most people who have asked) have ridiculed me for this decision. They keep saying "Oh just wait until you are in labour you will change your mind, you have no idea" Their right, I have no idea but that doesn't mean I am going to change my mind. The only way I would want an epidural is if it would give me a better chance of a vaginal birth and prevent me from having a C-section (which I also won't fight if I really need it). I have heard of some people getting so worn out by the contractions that they need the epidural to have the energy to push. But I really want to try my best to have a natural, hospital birth.

Are you going to be breastfeeding? I will do pretty much anything to make sure my baby gets breast milk for the first year. My doctor said it is very rare that anyone that gives breastfeeding a good chance is unable to. She said most people that have trouble give up in the first two weeks, but if I stick with it I should be able to, unless the baby has an intolerance issue or I have low production of course. 

I also get interesting comments about cloth diapering. A lot of people tell me not to, that it is gross and that I will never be able to stick to it. But those people obviously don't know me very well. When you tell me I won't be able to do something, the harder I will try to make it work. It is very important to me to cloth diaper, for environmental and health reasons. And I know lots of people who have done it successfully and love it! 

And NO!!! I will not be getting rid of any of my dogs. That is an outrageous suggestion and I wish people would stop saying that. I love my dogs and I look forward to my children growing up with them like I did. 


Stacey said...

Good for you for sticking with your decisions :)

I have to admit, I have thought about the dog thing, but not about whether you would get rid of them. It makes me nervous. I've heard of family pets that maul new babies because they are being territorial or whatever. Dogs that normally were calm and gentle. So it does worry me, but obviously I know how much you love your dogs.

jessethewestie said...

What?! Ppl seriously chastise you for decisions to benefit your baby?? Unbelievable.

Guess we're BOTH the minority who plan to do it without meds, with cloth, and with booby milk. How terrible. Oh, and some dog hair around too. The horror.

Kara Lynn said...

Lindsey, My labor was 46 and half hours I didnt have any drugs! You can do it! I felt the same way about drugs! :)

Hillary said...

My goodness, it never ceases to amaze me how opinionated people are and how free they feel to share it with someone else!! Crazy! My sister says it gets the ugliest when it comes to parenting advice!
I'm still so excited for you... I feel like I keep saying that, but I really am!
Speaking of sharing opinions, my sister cloth diapers and she really loves it... She'd never go back to disposable (except when they travel) I say power to ya! :)

Dayna said...

i love your answer about finding out the sex of the baby!!! never heard it said so cleverly and i love it! way to go! :)

Pink or Blue said...

WAY TO GO GIRL! You stick by your guns! Your health, your experience and your babies health is more important than other peoples opinions!

Ruth said...

Hey Lindsey - since you mention natural birth I thought I'd throw some encouragement in - I had a wonderful experience with natural birth! I think it's fantastic that you would like to try for a natural birth. It was the most intense, difficult and totally incredible experience of my life. I think having good support for natural birth from your care providers is huge, and then just lots of love and encouragement from whoever else is in the room with you! There is nothing like the feeling of birthing your baby! I found Ina May's Guide to Childbirth really inspiring...

Lindsey Dueck said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies! Sometimes I feel so alone in my decisions.

Stacey, I have NO idea how my dogs will react. We only have the Chihuahuas inside, so I highly doubt they are capable of mauling but I do think they are capable of biting. I am especially worried about my one dog Paris. The dogs will never be unsupervised with our kids until they are old enough to understand how to relate to dogs. My dogs have been around kids a lot, but I know it will be different with my own.

Brittney said...

Good for you for choosing to breastfeed and a natural childbirth - I so admire you for both!! What wonderful decisions for your baby:)

And I envy you your willpower in waiting to find out the sex! I think that's so great. I'll be anxiously waiting to see your birth announcement!;)

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