Monday, May 21, 2012

19 Weeks

Size of baby: Large heirloom tomato (8.5 oz and 6 inches)
Total Weight Gain: 10 lbs - it's creeping up higher than I would like...
Continuing symptoms: Round ligament pain or cramping
New symptoms this week: Not exactly a brand new symptom, but my feet are a wreck! I really can't handle being on them all day, even though my job requirers that for the most part! By the end of the day they are in a lot of pain. I need to learn to sit down more.
Maternity Clothes: I love them!
What I'm Eating: Pretty much a normal diet.
Cravings: Cheese

Movement: I thought I felt a tiny little kick the other day, but nothing since. Even though I regularly lay quietly waiting for it!
Special pregnancy moments: Eric started reading to our baby. He is reading the Chronicles of Narnia to baby. I absolutely adore when Eric talks to baby, he has been doing it ever since I told him that baby could hear. I pretty much tear up every time! :)

A few nights ago a had a dream about the baby for the first time, and it was a girl. The dream was about us moving into a new house and the old owner had left TONNES of beautiful baby and toddler clothes, and most of them were for a girl. There were a couple boy outfits in the pile and my mom insisted I give them away because I was having a girl, but I told her I wanted to keep them in case the next one was a boy. When I woke up I was SO disappointed because those clothes were so cute and I really wanted them. Lol. 

So there is it. I said it. I think I am having a girl. Every time I think of the baby, I think of it as a girl too. But I am convinced 

In other news, I had a VERY productive day today. I started off with breakfast with one of my best friend Coralee (she stayed overnight) which was nice, but other than that it was kind of a rough/emotional morning for me, for mostly piddly reasons. Oh the joys of hormones! 

Anyways, I made chalkboard paint and painted a coat on my chalkboard. I cleaned the baby furniture, hauled it outside and painted a coat on that. I did several loads of laundry at the barn. I cleaned the kitchen, entrance, and our room. I did dishes. Eric and I planted the garden. I measured for our dog fence  and ordered the wood. And finally I prepped snacks for my Pampered Chef party that I hosted tonight. It was a great turn out and I had a lot of fun. We also made a VERY yummy dessert. And now, my feet are in actual pain and I am tired. It was a great day.  Not sleeping in is a wonderful thing! 

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