Monday, May 14, 2012

The Rest Of Minneapolis!

All ready to go for brunch!
 We had brunch at Panera Bread in their gorgeous courtyard. It was delicious! I was very happy to have found a chocolate croissant!

 Mary Tyler Moore and me!
 The street we walked every day!
 Eric enjoying the HOT sun waiting for the game to start. We didn't get there early enough for batting practice :(
 My free mothers day scarf!
They Jay's lost the game, but it was a very nice day to spend outside. After the game we went back to the hotel for a swim to cool off, then for supper at Zelo. I had an amazing pizza that tasted genuinely italian and Eric had delicious lasagna and we shared grilled asparagus. We wanted something to do for the evening other than sit in the hotel room so we found a movie theatre!

Tomorrow we will wake up fairly early and head home. It has been a great trip and I look forward to next years already! 

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Melissa said...

so totally a baby belly in your blue jays shirt. :D

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