Friday, May 25, 2012

2nd Prenatal Appointment

Yesterday was my second prenatal appointment. I kinda forced Eric to come with me. I wish someone would have told me how uneventful these appointment can be! It took about 5 minutes for her to feel my belly, take my blood pressure and listen to the heartbeat. Baby was moving around a lot so it took was hard for her to find the heart beat!

I also found out a few days ago that my ultrasound was scheduled for July 12th. I would be almost 27 weeks then. They tried to get me in earlier at St. B but they said they couldn't, even though them booking me at 27 weeks was their fault. So Dr. H said they were going to try to get me in for a fetal assessment in the next couple weeks. She said that the fetal assessment is much nicer than getting a regular ultrasound because they will talk to you and tell you things about the baby.

If they can't get me in there in a few weeks, she is going to try other hospitals. If they can't get me in there,  then she said she would call St. B and stomp her feet until they got me in sooner. Lol. But she was quite confident that I would be able to get in for a fetal assessment fairly soon.

After the appointment we went to pick up Eric's outfit for his brothers wedding, and then went to the What To Expect When Your Expecting movie.

I really liked it. I cried like 100 times because there was some couples dealing with infertility and it just reminded me of what I went through to get here. Plus I cried every time a baby was born. And at a few other spots. I think these hormones are starting to get the best of me...

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