Saturday, May 12, 2012

Baseball In Minneapolis

We have been in Minneapolis for the last few days! The Blue Jays had a four game series with the Twins so we drove down to catch them all. It has been a great time so far! 

We left Wednesday after work and staying in Fargo for night. Then drove the rest of the way Thursday morning with a quick stop at Albertville for the outlet mall. I am sure glad we did! 

We went to Motherhood Maternity to get some capris. I found great pair for 40 that I loved, and then I found that same pair on the sale rack for 25 with a teeny tiny hold in the band. I also found a wonderful pair of linen shorts. Shirts were buy 3 get one free and I found my favourite tank tops that were 29.99 in Canada for 14.99 regular price here, included in the sale! They also made bras in my size, for 22 bucks, can be used for nursing and they were buy 3 get 1 free. I got four bras for 66 bucks, when I usually have to pay well over 100 for ONE good bra in my size! I was very happy leaving that store. 

We checked into the our hotel, the Hilton, which is probably the fanciest hotel I have ever stayed at. Awesome deal too! Thanks Hotwire! 

After we checked in we went straight to Target Field and caught some the the Jays batting practice. 

Here is Jose Bautista! We have seen him get 3 him runs so far!:

The Jays won Thursdays game.

Friday we went to The Mall of America for a little bit, where Eric convinced me to buy a gorgeous maternity bathing suit for a mothers day gift! We also went to Ikea and picked up some bedroom furniture and some other great pieces for our house, some stuff I have been looking for for a long time! We drove WAY to far out of town to get some food and snack and drink for the hotel from a Super Target.  Friday was a good game, but the Jays lost.

This morning we went to La Bella Crepe on Nicolett Mall for lunch! Eric had an Italian Breakfast Crepe:
 I had a peanut butter banana crepe! That is one of my new shirts from Motherhood Maternity! It is my favourite.
 La Bella Crepe. In a VERY tiny nook!
 The only picture from our 2 hour downtown walk today!
 I got this jersey as a Christmas gift. I love it, and it fit perfect when I got it. Now the bottom button or two likes to pop open randomly thanks to the baby belly. And I am not holding it tight or trying to stick out the belly. I find it amusing! It is fun to experience body changes thanks to a baby. I could not be more thankful!

The Jays won a very close game tonight.

We have one game left tomorrow, its an afternoon game. We plan to go early to batting practice and hopefully take some more pictures. We never take enough pictures on trips!

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Hillary said...

You look so cute, Lindsey!! :) sounds like a sweet little getaway! We also love Hotwire... We got a good deal on a Raddison in Canmore :)

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