Monday, May 14, 2012

18 Weeks

Size of baby: Bell Pepper
Total Weight Gain: ? lbs, I didn't get to weigh myself this morning cause I wasn't home!
Continuing symptoms: Round ligament pain, indigestion
New symptoms this week: Nothing really new yet
Maternity Clothes: I bought a lot of summer stuff this weekend as I said before.. Maternity clothes are so much cheaper in the US, I am kinda wishing I would have bought more tank tops though!
What I'm Eating: Pretty much a normal diet.
Cravings: Cheese, cream cheese, bread

Movement: Still waiting!
Special pregnancy moments:  This weekend at a baseball game was the first time a stranger asked me when I was due. I still am not sure what to think of it. I don't think I look obviously pregnant yet, and I have been asked that before when I was not pregnant. But I chose to be happy about it. After all I was busting out of my jersey and standing like a pregnant lady.

Also this Mother's day was not a day of sadness for me, as it has been for many years. It was a day of joy and hope! :D

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