Monday, October 08, 2012

39 Weeks

Size of baby: Mini Watermelon ( 7 lbs and 20 inches)
Total Weight Gain: Have not weighed myself for a few weeks. Kinda scared to step on the scale, to be honest.
Continuing symptoms: Sore feet, frequent bathroom visits, sore hips, braxton hicks, swollen feet and hands, heartburn,
New symptoms this week: More difficulty walking normal

Sleep: Last night my hips were very uncomfortable and I tossed and turned a lot. But as for amount of sleep I am getting more than enough.
Maternity Clothes: A lot of my maternity shirts are becoming a tad but short. Also I have no shoes to wear. I have been wearing flip flops up until it snowed the other day. It took a lot of time and effort for me to get my ugh knit boots on the other day. So I have been wearing Eric's shoes and winter boots if I need too.
What I'm Eating: Regular diet
Cravings: Chocolate. 

Movement: Baby still moved regularly, but it's movement is definitely more restricted. Sometimes it is quite uncomfortable as the baby tries to stretch out and move! 

Other Pregnancy News: Today it is quite a bit more uncomfortable in my hips than yesterday, perhaps that means the baby has dropped even more, I dunno. 

I am starting to get a bit bored/antsy. I am trying my best not to be impatient because it is not even my due date yet. Next week will be a different story. This morning as I was having breakfast I was thinking about what I was going to do today. The only thing I feel like doing is driving to the hospital and having a baby. But I DO still have some things on my list. I need to organize my Steeped Tea stuff, sew a few more things that I already have cut and ironed, finish building our dining room table and make all our christmas cards. There is always a few house cleaning tasks I can do upstairs, although it is pretty crazy clean right now. If I finished all that there is always a garage full of stuff from my mom's that she dropped of a few weeks ago, mostly childhood things and wedding gifts we didn't have room for in the trailer. And the basement is a disaster and needs to be organized. But those two things are a last resort right now. I have never planned to get them done before the baby comes, but maybe I should!

So when I actually write that list down, it seems like a lot of things and I really have no reason to be bored yet. I am just really not used to this permanent time off from work sort of thing. 

Today is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada, and I sure have a lot more to be thankful for than I did last year. I have a big, beautiful house, we pretty much own a farm and I am about to have a baby any day. We have a big, amazing family who love and support us, as well as friends that do the same. We serve an incredible God that heals and gives hope. We are so incredibly blessed to live in a place like Canada where most of us have way more than we need. Thanksgiving is a time to remember all of that and not take it for granted. 

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