Monday, October 15, 2012

40 Weeks!

 Size of baby: Small Pumpkin ( 7.5 lbs and 20 inches)
Total Weight Gain: I have no idea, probably close to 40lbs
Continuing symptoms: Sore feet, frequent bathroom visits, sore hips, braxton hicks, swollen feet and hands, heartburn,
New symptoms this week: Not a whole lot new,

Sleep: I had a couple rough nights this last week, and I realized if was because I was always hoping I would go into labor at night. So every time I turned or went to the bathroom I would be wide awake trying to feel for contractions or something. The last few nights I have tried to convince myself not to be waiting for that and it has resulted in better sleep. Although last night I had really terrible round ligament pain and could hardly roll over in bed either way. That hasn't happened for a while!
Maternity Clothes: More and more shirts are getting short. I am enjoying wearing my maternity sweaters though!
What I'm Eating: Regular diet
Cravings: Chocolate. Ramen noodles. 

Movement: Movement is becoming more uncomfortable, so much so that I think it might be a contraction when baby moves! Baby still only moves for me it seems, every time I try to show someone else baby stops moving. People probably think I am lying about how much this kiddo moves around.

Other Pregnancy News: In so many ways I am ready to have this baby, to meet baby and name baby and to share with everyone else. But at the same time I kind of enjoy being the only one that knows baby, it is such a special opportunity. Sometimes I don't want have to share my baby with anyone else! But I know this baby is already SO loved by so many people. People who are also eagerly waiting baby Dueck's arrival! 

To my doctor's schedule, my due date is tomorrow. But I have always used mondays to count the end of a week because that is the day my IUI was done! That's where the confusion comes in!

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