Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tallet's Birth Story - Part 3 - Recovery

Shortly after meeting my little boy, I got to try to feed him. It didn't turn out so well, but I was glad we got to try. Eric made lots of phone calls, most of which were tearful. It was adorable. He hates when I bring it up. 

I was very groggy, but I felt good. I felt MUCH better than when I went in for surgery. I was no longer overheated, and the painful contractions were gone. 

I was wheeled into another recovery room where I stayed for 5 hours. Tallet was with me for the first little bit. I got to try to feed him again. Eric took some pictures to show our families and he went for lunch with everyone while I recovered.

I was exhausted, not sure if it was from the surgery or labor or no sleep for two nights. Probably a combination of everything. I got to try to feed Tallet again, but it wasn't good either. 

At 2:30 they took him to the nursery to have something to eat and to get bathed while I continued to recover. At 4 the nurse helped me wash up and took out a few IVs. I got to brush my hair, which was nice. They said I was recovering really well. My doctor popped in to say hi and to tell me that she was not as worried about me as the anesthesiologist was, but they were going to keep a really close eye on me for the next day. 

They finally wheeled me to my room at 5 where my mom, step dad and brother were waiting with Eric and Tallet. They stayed for a little bit, but then Tallet had to go get weighed and his blood sugar taken. 

Eric's family came in after mine left, and when Tallet got back to the room Eloa got to hold him for a little bit, but then it was time for skin to skin time with me. 

I was still extremely tired, but it is the most amazing and surreal experience to be cuddling with a little boy you waiting and prayed so long for. He had arrived safely and is healthy. God is so good and has blessed us with this beautiful miracle. 

When I reflect back on this labor, I am surprisingly not disappointed about having a c-section. I thought I would be totally crushed if I ended up having to get one. But with all the events leading up to it, I know it was the right decision for us. If I am disappointed in anything, it is that I got that stinkin' infection that screwed up everything. I wish I didn't have to do that, but I don't know how I could have prevented it. I think I gave it my best try at having a natural, drug free birth. I feel like I had the really intense contractions for a longer period of time than normal. It was like I was in the transition phase of labor, supposed to last 1-2 hours, for 12 hours. I hope that if we are blessed with another baby, I can try an all natural birth again and my body will co-operate a bit better!

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