Wednesday, October 03, 2012


A lot of people have commented to me lately that I look like I have "dropped". The doctor did confirm it last week, and so I took a picture last night. The pictures are taken from a slightly different angle so maybe that enhances the effect, but I do think my belly looks WAY different. This is 36 weeks and 38 weeks.


Dayna said...

oh my goodness! different angle or not, what a big difference! :) i guess your baby has started his/her journey! you're so close lindsey. i can hardly wait!

ps- way to go on all the freezer meals! pizza casserole (cooked spaghetti mixed with a bit of butter is the base with pizza toppings on top) also freezes well in case you need another idea. :)

Melissa said...

so what does that feel like? I never got to experience that

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