Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It Has Been So Long...

Wow, it feels like forever since I have posted a blog. I have just been so busy and have not had access to a computer for a long time. But today I bought a new battery for my laptop, 160 bucks later, and now I can blog and add lots and lots of pictures, whenever I want. Except we don't have the internet yet. So I will just steal it from the inlaws.

Today I worked lots of overtime, just like Monday. I hate it because I get home so late and I feel like I have no time in the afternoon. Then I am just grumpy when I get home and it is not good.

Our floor is finished. Eric and his Dad finished it last Thursday. It looks really good. We are just waiting for our furniture. It was supposed to come in 10 days, but when I called there the other day. They said it wouldn;t be coming until after new years. BUT we need it for the new years party. So hopefully they bring it soon.

This is what our old couches looked like

Pretty nice, eh? It had an old sheet on it, I couldn;t decide if it was uglier with the sheet or without. Unfourtunatly I don;t have a picture with the sheet.

This is our paint from out living room, don't you just want to eat, or drink, it?

I think I am going to post some pictures seperate now!

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