Friday, December 29, 2006

New Hair!!

Last night Chantel cut my hair and it looks sooooo good! I am so excited! I am going to dye it today also, so I hope that turns out good. Right now I am at my aunties and soon we are going to make pannekukors or however they are spelled, for new years! I am not very excited about new years, the guys want to have alcohol there but i know there are going to be people there that don't drink. I just wish for one night they could forget about it. I remember one new years there was a big fight about it and it sucked. I just want to have fun. We want to burn a huge round bale at midnight instead of watching a ball drop on tv, way cooler! We just need a safe place to put it. I would be fun to soak it in gas and shoot bottle rockets at it to light it! YES! I love living in the country where we can do great stuff like that.
Sorry for my last post, it was pretty angry, but so was I. I just hate gossip and wish people would get the real story before talking. I hope people didn't take it personally, but sometimes i just need to rant on my blog. Every girl has the right to rant sometimes.

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