Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I love this picture of Fleury, she is so cute!

This is my cat Ryanne, she looks like she is smiling!

We decided to decorate Paris as well as the Christmas tree.

Our sad little tree. I think it is nice though. Check out the tree skirt. It is awesome!

A deer in the Whiteshell, we fed it our of the bathroom window in our cabin. I even touched it's nose!!

My beautiful horse Zia!! (Zeye-Yah)

Do you think they are hungry?

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Jobina said...

I LOVE your quilt! And your wood walls! Did you guys do that or someone else? Mark and I were just talking yesterday about how we need a house with more wood in it *sigh* someday...
Your animals are so cute too! Thanks for the glimpse of your family!

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