Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I am starting to get really bored and restless at home in the evenings. I don't know what to do about it. I want to do stuff, but I can't ever figure out what I actually want to do. So I just end up watching TV. There is lots of stuff to do at home: I could make quilts, knit, clean the house(there is ALOT of cleaning and organizing i could do), organise the spare room, clean up the bunny room a little bit, read, bake bun or christmas cookies. But I just am not motivated to do any of it. Something is wrong with me, I have gotten terrible lazy at home since I started work in Gimli. It seems like I am gone for so much of the day, and when I get home I am tired and have no motivation to do anything. I wish I could have my own buisiness or work at home or something. I have already bought clippers and I am going to start grooming a couple of my family's dogs. I wish Riverton could support a pet buisiness like that. I would love to have a grooming/pet shop in town.

I also love photography soooooooooooo much. I am saving up for a pretty expensive digital SLR camera, and I would love to take some courses in photography.

I also want to breed dogs and have a boarding kennel. I love dogs and wish I could take care of them all the time as a job. I mean I already do that at work, but that is in Gimli, i would like to have it at home.

There is just so many dreams that I have and working at a vet clinic used to be one of them, but it just isn't anymore. It tires me out so much. I do honestly love what I do, but I have getting home so late all the time and being so tired. My poor husband must be so bored. No wonder he is at hockey 4-5 nights out of 7 a week. I must be so boring.


Jobina said...

oh Lindsey, are you sounding a little 'off' too? I know, I know, no woman wants to hear that. Shut up Jobina. Anyway, I highly doubt that Eric plays hockey because he's bored with you, anymore than you are watching tv cause you're bored with him. That's just winter in the sticks; the guys are out farming and playing hockey, the women are cooped up in the house with household chores and a quilting rack. Man, us women need to get out more, hey? I feel so much like you sound a lot of the time and I DO work from home. The problem is, sometimes we just don't want to do all the stuff that's sitting right in front of us. It's ok, you'll sit around for a few days then all of a sudden, one day you'll be inspired and want to do something. And when you do, this will be a memory. :)

Lindsey Dueck said...

Well thats what I am hoping for, that I will get inspired to do something soon. But thanks, you make me feel alot better that I am not the only one feeling this way.

. said...

lindsey, so maybe you're in a slump right now, but i know you as this ambitious domestic woman! remember the other night we were sewing, baking buns, and icing cookies pretty much all at the same time. AND we watched TV on top of that... lol...

i'll be gone over christmas, but after that you and i will have to get together more in the evenings, hey? often i'm also bored and don't know what to do w/ my time. unfortunatley that is often during the day and that's when you're at work, but there are some evenigns like that as well!

love you,

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