Sunday, December 17, 2006

I Love Christmas!!

Last night and today I was working on christmas cards. I have so many to send, and I am sure there are people I forgot, too. But it really put me in the christmas mood. Our tree is up and most of my presents are wrapped and there is Christmas music playing everywhere. I know lots of people say it, but I love Christmas so much. I love hanging out with family, exchanging gifts, eating candy, and thanking God for the precious gift He gave us at this time of year. Sometimes I think Christmas gets too much about presents and too little about Jesus. Don't get me wrong, I love giving and getting presents, but I really think it is important to, above all, remember that it is Jesus' birthday and celebrate that!

It is snowing right now; big, fluffy, beautiful flakes. I love winter up until Christmas. After that it just gets cold and there is nothing to look forward to but spring. I also really wish we had a different vehicle. I hate going to feed my horse and getting stuck everyday. They should not even sell trucks that are not 4x4, especially to farmers. I wish I could bring my horse to my place. I would be so much easier for me to go visit her and feed her and take care of her if she was in my backyard.

Yesterday I got to sleep in soooooo late. It was awesome, I hadn't got to sleep in for a long time and I really needed it. Today I didn't teach sunday school b/c I had cramps so bad it hurt to walk and I felt like puking. So I grabbed the hot water bottle and took some Advil and by 11 I felt good enough to make it to church.

I saw Lois today! I haven't seen her for a long time so it was nice to catch up! I can't wait until our Christmas party/ shower for her. It will be lots of fun. I should really be at home making buns right now. Oh well, I can do that later tonight or next Saturday.

I hope it snows so much I can't make it in to work tommorow, that will be awesome


. said...

i love Christmas too!!! and it's ok for you (and for me) to say that even though everyone else does!

it was great seeing lois wasn't it?!?! and judith too.. it'd been so long. can't wait for our Group of Eight Christmas Party/Shower.

also, the bunny pic.s are adorable! i think i have a home for 1 or more of them (my parent's friends from church may want some)and i'm still working on my mom to take red b/c i LOVE him!!!

Lindsey Dueck said...

thats awesome that you found homes for my bunnies!! Thank you so much. Red really needs a home with someone who has more time for him. He is a good bunny.

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