Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Good Sunny Day!

Today I had a great day! I was going to do a bunch of work today, but I decided to try and relax for one day. So Eric and I slept in late, ate leftovers for lunch and tidied up the house a little bit. We watched TV, did some dishes, played with puppies and went for a walk with Maeve and Paris. We decided to go to town and bought some snacks, cleaned Andrew's shop, picked up the mail and dropped off some invitations. We also picked up Lily, Remy's new lady. She will be here for about a week. So far she is getting along with everyone pretty good. We made whole wheat spagetti with 5 (FIVE!!) kinds of cheeses for supper and watched some TLC. Then we watched Kill Bill 2, cause everyone we wanted to invite over we couldn't find or they were busy. I have sewn a little bit tonight too, but I need to start sewing more, cause this craft show is in two weeks!!

Today I loved the sun shining through the windows warming my house. It wasn't terrible warm outside, but it was enough to shut the heat off in our house for the afternoon. It was lovely! I can't wait until summer!!

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Unknown said...

Nice to have a day just like that once in a while...soak it in.

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