Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Spring" Cleaning

I say "spring" because it really doesn't feel like it right now outside. It is snowing like crazy! So much so I stayed home from work today. I think we got about 4 inches of snow so far, and it is still coming pretty steady. It is disgusting. I hate it. My southern readers probably have no idea about this, because Eric told me it was raining in Steinbach. Must be nice.

Well, I will try to use this day to my advantage though. My plan is so completely clean out my house, from one end to the other. I will have three piles: Keep, Garbage, Give Away/Sale. We just have soooo much STUFF in this house. There are boxes of stuff in the spare room that I haven't looked at for months, probably over a year. I just really need to declutter and organise this house a lot better. It is stressful losing things in the mess all the time. I just want things to be easy to find. This house barely has any closets, so storage is a real issue. I think i need to get a few more storage containters and stuff. But we will see what we need when I go through stuff. I just really need to learn to let go of it. My Baba was a really bad packrat, and I am trying not to be like that. Plus I just ordered a bunch of Partylite stuff and I need room for it! LOL! My show did really well. I got almost 1000 dollars worth of stuff for 250. I spend all the money I made at the craft show and my personal money. But I just wanted some nice stuff for my house. All I need is a nice picture for my living room wall.

Well I should really go start the massive overhaul of this house!!


Jay Boaz said...

I'm counting moving as spring cleaning, since I purged some stuff then. :)


Dimmy said...

Great looking animals! Have you heard about the hairless dog developed in Newfoundland? Wish I had one because my dog has practically ruined my car. Nice blog! Better than mine. . . at,
I love picking on the CBC! If you check it out, please leave a comment. . . I've never had one!

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