Thursday, April 10, 2008

Home Early??

I am hoping I can leave work right at 5 today. Today I got here at 9, so that would be a full 8 hours! I would liek to enjoy they day a little bit at home!! I love the weather lately, everything is sloppy and gross, but I love that my winter jacket has been lonely in my closet for the last little bit! I can't wait until all the snow is gone so I can ride more horse, if I ever find the time.

I still have a pile of things to do and no time to do them. Tonight I have to deal with something that really upsets me and I am not looking forward to it. Some things in life are just so unfair and don't make sense. So much for trying to be a better person when people keep reminding you how horrible they think you are.

ARGH... I need to go eat chocolate....

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Jobina said...

Hmmm, that sound ominous. I hope it turns out better than you anticipate. It's good to hear that you're keeping your head above water with all this business in your life this week! If you must eat chocolate, eat dark chocolate and just eat a bit and savor it. It's better to eat a bit of it and stay sane, then deprive yourself to the point of binging! Hope today is better!

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