Saturday, April 19, 2008


I could have said that like 200000 times today to people. WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH OUR QUILTS! ARGH!

I did buy some bibs from small potoatoes though, cause they were so cute and i couldn't stare at that booth all day without buying something!


Jay Boaz said...

From my experience as a server I can definitely say you made the right call by not telling people you want to punch their faces off. :)

Sorry it didn't go well; maybe you should try sell them if there's a community garage sale this year?


Anonymous said...

Lindsey, your title made me laugh and today that's just what I needed. Have you ever thot how it would look to actually try to punch somebodies face off? I've heard of punching people in the

Anonymous said...

btw that last post was by your mother-in-law whom you like to refer to as Eloa

Anonymous said...

I wanted to do worse things than punch people in the face...not sure if I even told you all the things I thought...haha So happy the weekend is over. It was nice to hang out with you! Thanks for coming to my house and letting me make food for you! :) That might have been the highlight of my weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I'm chuckling at the faceless people that have crossed our dear Lindseys path onthe wrong day.
the neck just ends - all weird really. sorry I should not laugh, I understand it is a along time to work, to sit & not sell. You should post some pics--I have no idea what you are talking "quilt" about!
hope you enjoy snow day - here it is cold day connie

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