Sunday, April 06, 2008

Lazy Sunday

I have decided this weekend was great! I got to relax, but I also spent time with friends, got out fo the house and felt like I have accomplished something!

Today I sewed for the first part of the afternoon. Then I got frustrated (hence the previous post) and then I got bored. So we called up Jay and Sarah and pretty much invited ourselves over to play games. They also BBQ'd for us!! It was great. We played Carcassonne, which is a really fun game. I lost badly both times, but I still enjoyed it. We had good food and enjoying spending time with friends. It is really nice to have a couple around that enjoys playing games! I hope we get to do this pretty often!

Has anyone ever watch the new show on TLC, I Can Make You Thin? I have been watching it for the past 3 weeks. Eric makes fun of it, but his methods are SO simple. No dieting, but just helping you have self control with a few simple methods. I have been trying some of the things, but not all of them cause Eric makes fun of them. I am going to try doing more and more of his stuff, and see how it works. I have been trying so many things lately, but nothing has worked, everything was so strict, and i always just lots motivations. But this just seems so easy, so why not try it? So far I think I have been eating alot less then normal.

Also, I have been doing the Kraft 1 bag, 5 meals program from their website and it is awesome. It is not a diet, just a meal plan. It gives you the recipies for a while week of meals, and just one small shopping list. The recipes are easy and the food is delicious. You should try it out!


Jobina said...

Oh that sounds like a good weekend! I always feel so much more energized if I can hang out with friends for an evening.
I've been watching shows like "The last 10 ponds" and "X-weighted" and I find they are inspiring for me. Glad to hear to trying out some new stuff. That show looked interesting.
I'm going to check out that Kraft thing, I can always use new recipes!
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I hate it when my sewing machine does that to my thread. I'm not sure how to fix it...It doesn't happen very often to me...thank goodness! I'd probably quit sewing if it did that too often...haha I can't wait for the craft show...hopefully we can sell lots!Happy sewing! :)

Anonymous said...

Sunday was indeed fun. Any excuse I get to fire up the barbeque is a good one!

We'll have to try out that Zombie game one of these days too.

Sarah Boaz said...

Hey We loved having you guys over! We need to do that more often!

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