Sunday, April 27, 2008

Isn't Sunday Supposed To Be A Day Of Rest?

Well, not for me anyways. I put off all the stuff I was supposed to do yesterday until today! YAY! Now I have to quickly eat my delicious and nutritious lunch of chocolate chip cookies and milk and race off to town to do some cleaning. I really don't want to do that anymore, but I really want highspeed internet so I will keep pressing on. I just wish there were 10 more hours in every day, life would be a lots less stressfull. But then again, those hours would probably just get filled up anyways. ARGH! You can never get ahead.

One highlight of my afternoon so far had been watching my tiny puppy, Nash, trying to cuddle and make friends with a rope bone that is bigger than him. First he tried to fight it, then he cuddles up and sleeps with it. Over and over again! Here are some pictures:

1. Nash and his friend/enemy

2. Nash close up

3. Shaq close up (don't they look totally different?!?)


. said...

can't believe nobody commented for your contest. what a gorgeous little quilt! and what gorgeous little dogs!

seriuslly readers, scroll down a little and enter to win this gorgeous quilt! limited time left!

have a lovely day bonesaw! said...

OH lindsey.
your puppies are so cute.

um you should put my name in ur blogs you like cause i MADE A NEW ONE
woot woot
love you<3

Susanna said...

I found your blog through Stacey, and am excited about the quilt contest! So there ARE a few who are interested :) I also made a post about your contest on my blog, so hopefully you'll get a little more interest from there too! Gorgeous blanket.

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