Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Weekend Recap

This weekend was an interesting one!

Very early Friday morning we packed up and headed for the city. We dropped off the quilts at the show and went to look at a car at Terry Ortynsky Nissan. Walking through the parking lot we found the exact car we wanted. We were not expecting to buy a car this weekend, just to look, but we didn't have to pay anything at all until July, so we decided to take it home. We got a protection package, so we had to leave it there overnight. We did a bit of shopping on the way back to the craft show, where I sat until 9pm. It was horrible. I sold one quilt for $25. Then Eric, Sheri, Travis and I went to the movie, 21, at St. Vital. It was very good. Then we slept at Trav's place.

We got up early on Saturday to go pick up the car. I got to drive it back! It is awesome. I really love it. I showered and stuff and then headed back to the craft show. It was another bad day. I sold another quilt for $25 and some raffle tickets. It was mostly people telling us how nice the blankets are, but not wanting to buy them. It was very frustrating. After the show I went back to Sheri's and she made me meatballs and mashed potatoes for supper, it was delicious. Then we headed to the guy's house for Ryan's birthday. We didn't stay there long cause we were tired. We went back to Sheri's and took stupid pictures cause we were WAY overtired. I slept pretty good, but when I woke up at 10 it felt like I had not slept at all.

Sunday was shorter, and I actually had something to eat so it was ok. I sold one quilt for $100, but I wanted 150 for it. I lost money on my raffle quilt as well, which really sucked. It was a discouraging weekend, but people told us that this show was really slow and that we should try to get into the fall show, cause it is 5 times busyier. Maybe we will try. We will also try the show in Gimli. I dunno. We don't really want to think about it for a while, cause we are all quilted out for now. Back at home, the house was a mess, my puppies were covered in crap from head to toe, and my dogs were puking. Teaches me for leaving for a weekend.

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