Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Another Blog from the car!

Today I turned 26. It was a good full day and I felt very loved and spoiled!

Eric gave me a new lens for my camera, it is a zoom lens. He also got me a UV filter. I used it a bit at baseball tonight, and I am excited to play around with it at Lilac this weekend.

I worked a full day, and then hung out with friends until baseball. We won our baseball game for the first time ever and then went to brennevins for supper.

At work I got lunch, flowers and a birthday cake! Like I said, I was very spoiled. Oh! And my MIL came and we went browsing shops for a little while in the afternoon.
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Jennifer said...

Happy belated B-day!! It sounds like you had an awesome birthday!! I love getting flowers as well.

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