Monday, July 18, 2011

Productive Day

Today I feel like I got a lot done. After working a full day, I did some of the dished. Then I had a birthday supper at Eric's parents with chicken, pasta salad, fresh carrots and peas, beets (hehehe) and coffee chiffon cake for dessert. It was amazing.

Then we came home and got our garden weeded and our flowers watered. We still have to clean up the garden a bit better and weed the flower beds.

We also got the Irish Setters both groomed. Finn had tonnes of mats, even though I just cleaned him up 2 weeks ago. So we clipped him, brushed him out, cut his nails and cleaned his ears. Tomorrow he is coming to work with me for a bath. I have been dealing with some skin issues with him for a long time. It started last year where his hair started thinning on his face and dorsum. And he got really scaly. We tried changing his food and Omegas, and over the winter it went away.

But as soon as spring was back he started thinning and getting scaly again. We tried supplementing with zinc and omegas but it doesn't seem to be working. So I am trying this Shampoo/Spray combo treatments that will hopefully work.

Anyways, Maeve got a brush down, nails clipped and ears cleaned. We definitely don't groom them enough. We are going to start brushing them for 5 minutes every day. That should be enough to keep them from matting up.

I was planning on going to bet at 10:30 so I could run in the morning, but now it is almost and hour later!

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Connie said...

you HAD to mention the coffee chiffon cake, didn't you?

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