Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sleeping In The Living Room

A couple days our AC in our bedroom conked out. A couple days ago a heat wave started in MB. So last night we dragged out mattress to the living room in front of our AC. Yes, we had two. Our living room and bedroom are at opposite ends of the trailer, so we need two.

Last night I had the best sleep ever. It was so cool and wonderful. We are probably going to leave the mattress here until we get another AC for our bedroom. I just can't function after a night of tossing and turning because of the heat. Before we moved the mattress last night I was sweating just laying in bed with the fan on.

I hate to complain about the heat, because I really do love summer. But when it gets so hot and humid like this outside it is hard to enjoy it. I am however hoping the heat stays for next week when we are in the Whiteshell!

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Sarah said...

We joined in the moving trend, with no AC at all we hit the basement on Tuesday, Jay on a couch, me on a mattress on the floor, and Griffin in his bassinet. We all slept better for it!

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