Monday, July 07, 2014

1000th Post - Small Encouragements

Wow. This is the 1000th time I have written something here. Let's take this time to pause and remember all the great posts I have written…

Moving on…

Today I was expressing my frustration to Eric about my diet. Not in the terms of diet plan. but in the terms of the sum of the food I consume in general. I really struggle with this. I enjoy eating healthy, and for the most part I do eat very healthily, especially lately.

But in times of stress, I eat sugar. Candy, cupcakes, etc. I can't seem to control that part of my diet. I have great restraint most of the time, but one unexpected bill. One broken glass. One argument. One ruined sewing project. One negative feedback from my businesses and I am heading for the cupboard for a sweet treat. A lot of sweet treats.

I was telling Eric that I am destined to be forever fat. I will never be able to control this. I might as well give up and just live my life.

Then I picked up my bible. I have this grand plan of reading it front to back again, this time with the NLT. I haven't been getting a far fast. But today I decided I was going to sit and read it for a while. The first thing I ready was Genesis 15 - 18. In it God promised Abram he will have a son. Sarah laughs at the thought of it, being an old woman past the childbearing age. I feel like Sarah most of the time.

I have always looked to this story as encouragement when struggling with infertility. But today I saw it as hope in a desperate situation, any situation. God does promise that I will triumph over this struggle. God does care about it.

It really is true that the devil is the king of opportunism. His negative ideas spread like a virus to the point that you don't think you can recover. He fills your mind with "never", "can't", "you're not worthy", "nobody cares", "give up" and the like. He tries to validate your negativity and he wants you to believe it as truth. But it is not truth. It is lies.

I can triumph over this struggle. I am always looking for the right diet plan, exercise, book, or article that will cure me. That will get me over this. I am always trying to do it alone. Today I was reminded that I cannot do this alone. I need God.  I will always need God.

I didn't go to the Bible to find answers to today's problems. Today's problems were a kick in the pants to read the Bible again. It just so happened that I found the answers I needed anyways. God is cool that way, He meets you where you are and lifts you up.

"We will overcome, by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Everyone, overcome" - Jeremy Camp


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Finding other ways to deal with stress may be helpful, say by praying about them, taking walks or light jogs too.

Jennifer said...

LOVE this post!!! It is amazing how God will give us comfort and strength in ways we are not always expecting.

Stacey said...

Love this! It goes totally along with the book I'm currently working through :). Google Annette Reeder.

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