Saturday, July 19, 2014

Visalus - Body By Vi - Journey To Health

Oh Visalus. My best friend/ sister-in-law / business partner Alyssa still laugh about this one. We thought we were going to be so rich from it.

Visalus is a direct selling company that basis is protein shakes for weight loss. The program was simple, shake for breakfast, shake for lunch, healthy well rounded meal for supper with healthy snack in-between. My cousin first introduced me to it, and I had no interested for the first few months. But I had gotten into drinking protein shakes for several months, so I figured I would try out this brand.

If you get people to buy shakes from you, and you eventually get your shakes for free. Get even more and you start making money. I do know people who have done very well from this. I thought for sure I was going to be driving my very own Visalus BMW.

They also sell vitamins, metabolism boosters, and all sorts of other health products to go along with the shakes. The probably have even more products today, I haven't looked at them for quite some time.

I actually enjoyed the shakes, I had fun creating all sorts of flavours, I lost about 15-20 lbs while on that diet. But I felt awful. I spend a lot of time on the porcelain throne, if you know what I mean. There was something in that shake mix that did not sit well with my stomach.

It was not a healthy way to live. Plus the shakes are artificially sweetened which is now a big no-no for me.

-cheap. Only $100 a month for two meals a day for a whole month. Even cheaper if you got other suckers to go along with you.
-Simple, easy, not very time consuming.

-artificial sweeteners
-made me sick
-did not promote a healthy, long term lifestyle change.

My conclusion:
I truly have nothing against Visalus and I think they have a decent product, but again it is not one for a permanent lifestyle change. I don't want to drink two shakes every day for the rest of my life. I want to eat real food. Healthy, nourishing, real food.

Plus it made me sick. I read other people experiences and I honestly wondered if there was some sort of laxative in it and that is why you lost weigh on this plan.

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