Tuesday, July 22, 2014

17 Day Diet - Journey to Health

I shouldn't even talk about this diet, but it is something I tried so here I go. A couple friends at work were doing the 17 Day Diet and getting awesome results, so I wanted to try it too. At this time I still had the mindset that if I could quickly lose all the weigh, I could just go back to eating whatever I wanted when I was this.

The 17 Diet has 3 17 day phases. The first phase is very low fat and low carb, leaving mostly lean poultry proteins veggies and low sugar fruits. They also allow yogurt. The second phase adds in lean red meats, natural starches, beans, and starchy veggies. Phase three adds in even more meats, breads, cereals, pasta, all fruits, nuts, cheese along with some other things. There is certain food servings for all these phases of course. There is also a 4th phase that is basically a maintenance phase. You can pretty much eat whatever you want.

Eric and I started the diet right before Christmas. Bad idea. I tried to start it again after but for some reason it fizzled. I had probably moved on to another new fangled diet by then!

-only 17 days until you can change, anyone can stick to anything for 17 days
-easy to follow plan, well explained, simple foods.

-does not promote a permanent healthy lifestyle change
-loaded with grains/carbs, even in earlier stages of the diet

My conclusion:
I feel like I can't really come to a conclusion for this diet because I didn't give it a good try. I have been wondering if I should give it a try again just to say that I did. But from what I have been reading lately, I don't think this plan is the way to go. I KNOW it works for weight loss, I saw my friends succeed on it. But I did NOT see anyone succeed permanently because of this diet, and thats what concerns me the most.

Jeepers going over all these diets makes me realize how ridiculous I must sounds, jumping from this to that and the other thing. However in the last year I really have had a different mindset. I remember thinking for HARD the first 17 days are. And now I look at the food list and think it would be so easy to stick to that now! 


Stacey said...

You know, we all have our things that we chase after. It sucks that our time gets wasted, but it's how we learn!

If you have the time, this is excellent :)


Kelly said...

I am a co-creator of 17 Day Diet Complete app. In the app we have a chat feature where people ask me questions. I've talked to hundreds of people who've done this diet, many are very successful, like your friends. I also have lots who come back after having stopped the diet and they had gained some back weight, so I see your confusion. I think that's why Dr. Moreno includes cycle 4 which you should do indefinitely. It's not that you're eating practically anything you want in cycle 4, you're following one of the first 3 cycles during the week (your choice each day) and on weekends you can have a couple of your favorite meals (eating out or cooked at home- whatever you want). Just wanted to throw that out there. I think this diet plan (plus a regular exercise routine) is definitely better than most people eat on their own! Just my 2 cents. I wish you luck in whatever route you go!

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