Sunday, July 20, 2014

Naturopathic Medicine - Journey To Health

Naturopathic medicine was something I sought out after battling a terrible bout of anxiety that lasted months. I have often been heard saying that I never felt better than when I was seeing a naturopath.

I love the whole idea of naturopathic medicine. I loved that the Doctor listened to me and examined every single symptom I had, instead of giving me pills to fix one singular symptom.

I did eventually stop going to a naturopath because the one I was seeing in Gimli left, and it wasn't convenient. It also became quite the financial burden to keep up with all the things. We were also set to start out first fertility treatment, and I wasn't supposed to be taking any sort of herbal medications at the time. I ended up getting pregnant and didn't pursue naturopathy any more.

- I feel like everything about it is a pro. Love that the medicine is based one listening to each individuals body. And not only does it care for your physical body but also every facet of your health, mental, spiritual, emotional.
-I felt great

-Can get expensive for the extra tests, supplements, herbs, etc.
-Time consuming for the appts.
-She had me avoid dairy, which was very difficult. It made it hard to go anywhere to eat.

My conclusion:

I love naturopathy, and I would like to go again! However this time I would like to be more vocal about what I can and cannot afford. I don't want to walk out with 10 different kinds of  supplements that will cost be $600 a month to maintain.

I would encourage everyone to go see a naturopathic doctor! But again I would encourage you to be vocal about your finances and get them to recommend affordable options for supplements!

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