Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thin Within - Journey To Health

I did two versions of Thin Within, the personal book and the group bible study. I am embarrassed to say that I didn't finish either of them. Story of my life. 

Thin Within is a grace based approach, it works on you spiritually, emotionally and physically. It tried to get behind my reasons for emotional eating. It's weight loss approach was to make you conscious of your hunger. And to only eat when you are truly, hungry or at a 0. It encouraged you to chew slowly and pause between every bite to re-evaluate your hunger number, 10 being overstuffed and 5 being perfectly satisfied. You were never supposed to eat over a 5. 

There were no particular foods to eat, as long as you only started to eat at a 0 and stopped at a 5. 

-eat whatever you want
-works on all facets of your health
-involves God in the process

-difficult to make a habit out of eating that way. 
-Arriving at a 0 often happened at inconvenient times, not at regular mealtimes. Made it difficult to do at work. 
-didn't teach you to eat healthy foods (although maybe it moved on to that if I would have finished the 30 days, I only got to 25)
-really required great willpower and self-control, something I obviously don't have much of. 

My conclusion:
I found Thin Within hard to make a permanent life change. I thought it would be "THE" answer because it is Christian based program. But I did find myself still wanting to learn about how to fill my body with foods that are good for it, not just to empty and fill my stomach with anything. I still may go back and redo the bible study one day! 

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