Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bye, Bye Little Truck & Festival De Voyager

Yesterday we went into the city to sell our truck. It needed a lot of repairs that we couldn't afford, so we decided it would be best for use to sell it for cheap and put that money towards getting my mom's old car running. We only need a second vehicle for Eric to get to work and to town if he needs to. It was actually a major answer to prayer that it sold. A belt had broken that day, and I had given up all hope on selling it. I had decided that we might as well just fix it because nobody would want a truck that needed all those repairs (it needs a transmission, power steering pump, and lots of other small things). That night we had a reply to our Kijiji ad, and then it was sold! All we had to do was drive it in. Here it is all loaded up and ready to go:

Then we headed to Festival De Voyager. I have never been but I have always wanted to go. It was $13 each to get in and we got there at 5:30. It wasn't until 6:30 that we realized that it closed at 7! All the other nights it is open late, so we just assumed it would open that late yesterday too. Oh well, I still got a taste, literally! These maple taffy (tire sur la neige) were my favorite!

There were tonnes of these snow sculptures, at the park and all over the city:

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