Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Valentine's Surprise!

This year I didn't really push Valentine's day plans on Eric. He had an appointment today in Gimli, so we just decided to go for supper today instead of yesterday for Valentine's day. Yesterday we went to his parents for supper and then played a game with them and it was a great time!

Today Eric came to Gimli for his eye appointment and then went to go help his dad unload wood at some dudes place. Then his dad dropped him off at the clinic, or so I thought.

We went for supper at brennevins and then went to pharmasave to get some stuff. When we pulled out of the pharmacy parking lot, Eric turned the wrong way and I beaked him for wanting to cruise around downtown Gimli.

It wasn't until he parked in front of Koma Heim that I realized something was going on. I asked him what was happening and he said he had a surprise for me. At first I thought we were going to Koma Heim, but then he took me inside the Lakeview hotel, which is in the same building. At that point I still wasn't really sure what was going on, I was thinking maybe an activity or something. Finally when we got in the elevator it started to click.

We went up to the second floor and Eric showed me to our room! That is when I saw a suitcase and realized what was going on! He booked us a room for the night! I was totally speachless! He completely surprised me!

We have a big suite, with two rooms, one with a king sized bed and one with a couch and table and fridge stuff! we went swimming and hung out in the hot tub already, and now we are watching a movie that we can rent for free from the hotel.

Eric made sure all the animals were taken care of at home too! The best part of staying in gimli for night is that I get to sleep in a whole extra hour and I don't have to drive in the morning! It is so nice to have a stress free evening!

I feel so blessed and loved. God has given me an amazing husband and I am so thankful!

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Dayna said...

well done eric!

A said...

that is so sweet and thoughtful!

Anonymous said...

sweet surprise! i like that you at one point thought the surprise was going to koma heim. hehe. that place is nice but the surprise definitely beats it!

Lindsey Dueck said...

Haha, and I was so convinced were were going in Koma Heim that I left my purse and everything in the car!

Brittney said...

Aww, that is SOO sweet!! I love it! What a wonderful hubby you have:)

Sarah said...

Wow! That is one thoughful husband! I hope Jay is taking notes!

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