Monday, February 21, 2011


I would like to say a big thank you to all who prayed for us this past weekend. Our youth retreat at Cedarwood was amazing. So amazing I didn't want to
leave, and I would really love to go back. God definitely showed up this weekend. He moved in my life, and I know that He moved in the lives of the youth as well. I am just so full of thankfulness for the weekend as a whole. We stayed safe, our speaker and worship band were awesome, we had lots of fun, Cedarwood felt like home and the food was delicious.

Playing Broomball:
Our awesome worship team:
Rock Climbing:
The crazy fast tube slide:
We also snowmobiled and pulled a sled behind that, went cross country skiing, had a nighttime fireside, watched a movie, did karaoke, had a hay ride, played foosball, air hockey, floor hockey, and ping pong. The only disappointment was they we didn't get to use the hot tubs. Anyways, I hope we can book that place again soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsey, you and Eric and Andrew did a great job. The kids had a great time and the video they took of the slide looks amazing and so much fun. Bruises from head to foot, I'm sure.


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